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Plan, design, and optimize the PV plant engineering process. End-to-end. Maximize profitability.

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pvDesign is the software built by RatedPower to automate and optimize the study, analysis, design, and engineering of photovoltaic plants in all its stages. Speed up the design and engineering processes of large-scale solar projects to reduce the construction costs of PV plants.

Speed up time-to-design

Streamline the design and planning processes of PV plants to reduce the number of hours engineering teams spend by 85%. Iterate your layout configuration to find the best option in seconds while reducing calculation errors. Several weeks of work into a few minutes.

For developers
Each site we study has many different variations to consider and they need to be analyzed quickly. I can honestly say this wouldn't have been possible without pvDesign!

Jake Steele

Performance Engineer

Reduce Levelized Cost of Energy

Make confident data and insight-driven decisions. Maximize the profitability and value of solar PV plants. According to our customers, pvDesign boosted the competitiveness of solar energy, resulting in a 20% asset profitability increase.

For EPCists

Without pvDesign all the requests from our developer and project managers went directly into our engineering team. This created a lot of work, especially since it involved a lot of going forward and backwards regarding new land plots, a boundary change here or a gaspipe there. With pvDesign both developers and project managers can do a quick pre-estimation of the solar projects—power on site and yield—by themselves, before going to the engineering team for the more detailed planning.

Mirko Schieszl

Team Leader Solar Engineering

Impulse clean energy transition

Optimize the performance and profitability of solar photovoltaic plants to increase competitiveness of solar energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

For engineering firms

RatedPower provides a platform that allows for the rapid creation of conceptual layouts with minimal rework required for follow up design iterations. This software is perfect for early stage development work when paired with thorough environmental and site analysis to determine feasible areas for construction.

Robert Wright

Renewable Energy Development Manager at Burns & McDonnell

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