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You're about to finish the last iteration of the electrical and cable listing of your PV project just in time for the deadline. You've got mail! Your colleague Anna, from the procurement team kindly suggests you to try out a new and incredible inexpensive PV modules. She attached the .pan file. No excuses. You have to re-do most of the job and report back the CAPEX analysis. Long day ahead.

Software for solar EPC
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Meet the most detailed basic engineering ever

Engineers spend too much time doing repetitive tasks. We know it because we've been there. We know the feeling of being a mechanical turk.

Imagine a team where Anna's request got done in a bliss. Keep your solar LCOE tight by minimizing engineering and construction plant costs.

With pvDesign, you just upload the equipment file, adapt and customize your input. Get 300+ pages of technical docs, including the cost analysis and energy yield simulation, in minutes. Export a CAD-ready file for polishing the last details. And call it a day.

The bigger, the better

The bigger, the better

Unlike one-size-fits-all apps, RatedPower's algorithms are coded for you to get a highly accurate outcome for 1+MW ground mounted PV plants.



Empower your engineering teams to carry out feasibility analysis and plant designs. Avoid outsourcing these tasks and save money.

Substation engineering

Substation engineering

Automatically design the basic engineering of the step-up substation of your PV plant. Get a complete SLD and a fully detailed report based on your inputs.

Ready player one

Ready player one

Tying software to your computer is so 1999. Unlike desktop apps, RatedPower plans are packed with unlimited users. Just use your corporate employee directory or send invites to your teammates.

Lives in the cloud

Lives in the cloud

Say bye to manually updating your plugins. Our development team deploys new features twice a week. And you get them in no time. Just logging in your favourite browser.

Tailored for solar PV

Tailored for solar PV

By gathering accurate irradiance data, the LCOE for your ground-mounted PV project is solid.

300+ pages of engineering in two minutes

The design interface guides you through the steps to get your plant proposal documents. Rely on algorithmic calculations or fine-tune their results to get your desired outcome.

Find the best electrical configuration

Find the best electrical configuration

Iterate the electrical configuration of your project. Group the string in pitch or axial direction. Pick the design of your solar field— with either a string box or a DC bus system. Define the cable standard and use a range of parameters for each cable type. Compare each electrical setup and create the project documentation.
Perform cut-and-fill cost-benefit analyses

Perform cut-and-fill cost-benefit analyses

Use Google Earth or your own topography data within your design. Define installation limits for your racking so they’re excluded from your layout and apply earthworks where necessary. Use the BoQ to determine the total cut-and-fill volume and make confident data-driven decisions.
Optimize land use

Optimize land use

Find the best civil configuration to make the most of your acreage. Define your site and upload your topography —including cut-and-fill. Optimize your project by either maximizing or setting a specific capacity. Iterate your layout by adjusting the pitch distance or AC/DC ratio and setting power station location and setbacks.
Determine project capacity and energy yield

Determine project capacity and energy yield

Each tweak in your plant design will be reflected in the rated power, peak power, DC/AC ratio, or BESS-related results. Analyze the energy production estimates over time. Get energy yield results, design reports, and losses. Iterate your design based on the results of these data points until your project is optimized.
Hybridize your plant with BESS

Hybridize your plant with BESS

Add AC-coupled BESS to new or existing PV plant projects. Pick the storage inverter and the number of inverters per PCS. Select maximum or a specific capaicty. Define the supply cycle duration, and the dimensions of PCS, containers and distances between blocks. Download the BESS design report, layout or SLD.

Accurate PV projects quoting at scale. Keep LCOE low. Rise your ROI.

Not ready to buy just yet? No problem. Take a free product tour and discover our solar software at your own pace.

Lightning fast layout

Get a new design from scratch in minutes —including required earthworks. Or clone an existing one and compare them in a matter of three clics.

  • RatedPower calculates the volume of earthworks required to install a structure

  • It works along with the topography analysis to achieve better compliance with the terrain.

  • Get accurate energy yielding and cost estimates.

Like Alexandria, but with solar

Use the always up-to-date 7,000+ equipment library built in RatedPower's platform to get a well founded PV layout effortlessly.

  • Mono and bifacial modules

  • Thin films modules (CdTe)

  • Central and string inverters

  • Privately upload your own equipment files

Detailed engineering, powered by algorithms

Once your design is fully optimized, RatedPower delivers a handful of documents of PV detailed engineering. Including single line diagrams (SLD) for the interconnection facility. Both in PDF and editable formats.

  • 3D layout and terrain slopes

  • SLD for medium, low and medium-low voltage.

  • Structure profiles

  • Substation layout and SLD

PV CAPEX at a glance

Use the default cost templates or customise them to get a CAPEX and LCOE analysis of your PV project in seconds. Just input the unit price. The hassle of finding the number of required equipment is on us.

  • Adapt costs categories to fit your clients requests.

  • Input OPEX and effortlessly get CAPEX in your currency.

  • Download your custom CAPEX analysis in an editable spreadsheet.

Long-range energy yield

Get up to 50 years of energy yield of your plant design using your meteorological, horizon and albedo data. Or use our out-of-the-box data sources.

  • PVGIS 5, NASA Power and SSE sources included.

  • Input PV module and PV plant losses and understand how it impact energy yield.

  • Choose your preferred IAM loss model for PV modules.

The first paperwork you'll love

Download a whole pack of engineering documentation for your project. Including BoQ, design drawings, list of cables or electrical diagrams. Ready to cast to your off-taker or EPCist.

  • Design, energy yield and interconnection facility reports.

  • Project sheet, bill of quantities, listing of cables in spreadsheet format.

  • SLDs and 3D facility layout ready to import to PVsyst or your CAD software.

Works with earthworks

The earthworks feature works in combination with the topography analysis to achieve better compliance with the terrain and more accurate cost estimates. Get a handy .csv file with your topography analysis after applying cut and fill earthworks.

  • Earthworks calculation per structure

  • Also, automatically compute required earthworks to flatten the substation area.

Join 300+ top-tier solar EPCists winning proposals

Learn how the independent power producer ABEI Energy trusts on software for getting blazing-fast quoting at the first stages of the PV pipeline.

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Software for solar players

RatedPower's software helps performing preliminary and advanced layouts. It expedites site analysis, saving my engineering team 2 hours per PV plant design.

Antonio Verdugo

Technical engineer
Software for solar players

Plans built for businesses of all sizes

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  • 10 projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

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  • 50 projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

  • Basic Support

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  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

  • Priority Support

  • Designated Customer success teams with unlimited training sessions

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) settings

  • SAML access with your corporate identity provider

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We've got you covered

Starting your detailed engineering workflows with solid and comprehensive foundations, obtained through RatedPower, helps EPC teams achieve the optimum layout much faster.

While business as usual routine for prospecting takes weeks —It's not only about getting electrical setup or the basic engineering, also SLDs and calculating energy yield and CAPEX. After adopting this software, this cycle is shortened to minutes.

Discover RatedPower first-hand

Request a live demo and see it in action

Start accelerating your PV plant design and engineering today. Our team of specialists is happy to answer your questions and help grow your PV business.


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