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A broad range of expert insights, industry trends, forecasts and hands-on knowledge on solar, wind, hydro energies.

2024 Trends: Renewable Energy & Solar Research Report

What are the trends that will shape the renewable and solar landscape this 2024? Find results of an industry professionals survey and explore data from 55 TW.

Back to basics: Answers to RatedPower software FAQs

This eBook will cover some of the most common user and non-user questions we receive about the software.

State of Green: UK & NIR

Learn what's next in the renewable and solar industries in the UK & NIR by downloading this e-book!

State of Green: France

The report covers current situtation of renewables energy industry in France; the role of photovoltaics in the low-carbon energy transition and forecast for the future.

A quick guide to utility-scale photovoltaic plant design

This guide will give an overview of the key considerations for designing your next utility-scale solar PV plant.

BESS policy and regulation in the Dominican Republic and Chile

Let's take look at how the Dominican Republic and Chile are navigating these hurdles through policy and regulation of BESS. 

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