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A broad range of expert insights, industry trends, forecasts and hands-on knowledge on solar, wind, hydro energies.

Renewable Energy and Solar Research Report: What's in Store for 2021

A study carried out to +100 diverse industry experts evidenced their confidence on the fact that solar power generation will expand to record levels in 2021.

State of Green: Australia

Report on the renewable sector in Australia and the role of photovoltaic solar energy: Access to the grid, key players and technology trends.

State of Green: France

The report covers current situtation of renewables energy industry in France; the role of photovoltaics in the low-carbon energy transition and forecast for 2021 and beyond.

How renewable energy will play an essential role in a post-COVID economy

In-depth analysis on what does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for the growth of renewable energy in the coming years. Report discusses how governments and busineses support renewables in their stimiulus packages.

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