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For developers

Find how solar development teams use pvDesign to prospect and find new investment opportunities faster than ever.

For developers

We use to outsource basic engineering work. Deploying pvDesign enabled my development engineering team do it in-house. After the first month, Celsia reached 1 hectare per megawatt, from 1,5 ha/mW.

Lennin Piñeiro

Developer engineer

For EPCists

Discover how EPCists trust the balance between flexibility and algorithmic calculations to reduce construction costs and LCOE.

For EPCists

RatedPower's software helps performing preliminary and advanced layouts. It expedites site analysis, saving my engineering team 2 hours per PV plant design.

Antonio Verdugo

Technical engineer

For engineering firms

Find how engineering firms serve their customers better at a higher velocity.

For engineering firms

Without pvDesign all the requests from our developer and project managers went directly into our engineering team. This created a lot of work, especially since it involved a lot of going forward and backwards regarding new land plots, a boundary change here or a gaspipe there. With pvDesign both developers and project managers can do a quick pre-estimation of the solar projects—power on site and yield—by themselves, before going to the engineering team for the more detailed planning.

Mirko Schieszl

Team Leader Solar Engineering

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