Bridge the gap between developers and bankable PV projects

A clear and accurate energy yield estimate of the PV infrastructure impacts the projects' financial success. RatedPower can help bridging the gap between solar developers and lenders with well documented plant performance analysis.

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Reduce technical risks with accurate energy yield estimates

RatedPower helps banks and funds with solar PV investment grow their portfolio at pace. It provides development and asset management teams a toolbox for rapidly assess projects. Delivering 300+ pages of technical documentation and a rock solid energy yield in minutes.

If your purpose is either evaluating greenfield projects or you act as an independent power producer, RatedPower's platform helps shortening design and engineering times and slash LCOE.

The bigger, the better

The bigger, the better

Unlike one-size-fits-all apps, RatedPower's algorithms are coded for you to get a highly accurate outcome for 1+MW ground mounted PV plants.



Start with a land file and get a comprehensive engineering docs pack without jumping up and down between apps. From layout or electrical reports to energy yield and LCOE. Ready to your off-taker.

Ready player one

Ready player one

Tying software to your computer is so 1999. Unlike desktop apps, RatedPower plans are packed with unlimited users. Just use your corporate employee directory or send invites to your teammates.

Substation engineering

Substation engineering

Automatically design the basic engineering of the step-up substation of your PV plant. Get a complete SLD and a fully detailed report based on your inputs.

Lives in the cloud

Lives in the cloud

Say bye to manually updating your plugins. Our development team deploys new features twice a week. And you get them in no time. Just logging in your favourite browser.

Tailored for solar PV

Tailored for solar PV

By gathering accurate irradiance data, the LCOE for your ground-mounted PV project is solid.

PV energy yield modeling: Is it time to move forward?

We brought together a renewable finance expert and two developers to discuss the role of state of the art design and engineering software in this fireside chat.

Quote projects with accurate BoM, CAPEX, and LCOE

Quote projects with accurate BoM, CAPEX, and LCOE

Define the year of your project simulation to calculate output according to standard deviation. Upload horizon and albedo and set advanced parameters for losses. Use the built-in CAPEX templates or upload templates used by your company’s financial team. Create a BoM, and a comprehensive financial analysis of your plant ready to hand over to your off-taker.
Determine project capacity and energy yield

Determine project capacity and energy yield

Each tweak in your plant design will be reflected in the rated power, peak power, DC/AC ratio, or BESS-related results. Analyze the energy production estimates over time. Get energy yield results, design reports, and losses. Iterate your design based on the results of these data points until your project is optimized.
Prospect sites efficiently

Prospect sites efficiently

Easily clone your PV plant designs and add, remove, or edit parcels within the project. Change any equipment—such as modules, inverters, or racking systems. Analyse prices, LCOE, energy production, and more. Prepare the project documentation ready for later stages.

Grow your PV portfolio

Not ready to buy just yet? No problem. Take a free product tour and discover our solar software at your own pace.

Black & Veatch


A bankable alternative to PVsyst

You can mitigate risks from PV projects with an accurate and trustable energy yield. Having an embedded design and engineering software within your EY tool helps you observe how changes in the PV layout affects production, CAPEX, OPEX or LCOE.

We turned to market-leading engineering firm Black & Veatch to compare RatedPower’s energy yield module to PVsyst output in four real-life cases. Deltas range between +0.24% and +1.08%. Related detailed yielding documentation is available in both tools.

PVsyst comparison

PV CAPEX at a glance

Use the default cost templates or customise them to get a CAPEX and LCOE analysis of your PV project in seconds. Just input the unit price. The hassle of finding the number of required equipment is on us.

  • Adapt costs categories to fit your clients requests.

  • Input OPEX and effortlessly get CAPEX in your currency.

  • Download your custom CAPEX analysis in an editable spreadsheet.

Compare multiple designs

Streamline your decision-making process by using our comparison tool. This will help you compare different designs of a project side to side using your preferred parameters and even compare them in charts.

Get the power factor methodology

The first paperwork you'll love

Download a whole pack of engineering documentation for your project. Including BoQ, design drawings, list of cables or electrical diagrams. Ready to cast to your off-taker or EPCist.

  • Design, energy yield and interconnection facility reports.

  • Project sheet, bill of quantities, listing of cables in spreadsheet format.

  • SLDs and 3D facility layout ready to import to PVsyst or your CAD software.

Lightning fast layout

Get a new design from scratch in minutes —including required earthworks. Or clone an existing one and compare them in a matter of three clics.

  • RatedPower calculates the volume of earthworks required to install a structure

  • It works along with the topography analysis to achieve better compliance with the terrain.

  • Get accurate energy yielding and cost estimates.

Run your design's shading scene in PVsyst

Export to PVsyst

Get a much faster and accurate energy yield estimates within PVsyst from your RatedPower's projects by exporting the shading scene in .pvc format.

  • Quickly generate an accurate 3D shading scene in PVsyst. The scene considers the shape of the perimeter, the terrain features, and the presence of adverse slopes from your project in RatedPower's platform.

  • Get accurate energy simulation results. Including the 3D features of the terrain and positioning of the structures.

  • Evaluate the effects of topography restrictions. Detecting areas which require changes to the design, such as north-facing slopes which could require increasing the pitch.

RatedPower vs. PVsyst

Join market-leading banks and funds growing its PV portfolios at pace

Enhancing land assessment efficiency for PV developers
Luis Guilherme Castro

Enhancing land assessment efficiency for PV developers

«RatedPower produces a set of documentation to deal with most of the environmental agencies' requirements and for application of grid connection authorization processes.»

Luis Guilherme CastroSolar Development Engineering Manager at Casa Dos Ventos
Harnessing RatedPower to carry out invaluable PV equipment analysis
Nicolás Fernández-Velilla

Harnessing RatedPower to carry out invaluable PV equipment analysis

«RatedPower provides us with simplicity and flexibility in our solar projects while requiring fewer resources. Other software options typically demand more resources on our end to complete these calculations.»

Nicolás Fernández-VelillaSystem Solution Engineer at Sungrow
RatedPower speed helps us boost our competitive advantage
Megan Parsons

RatedPower speed helps us boost our competitive advantage

«Now we can turn around design documents within hours and minutes to stakeholders, landowners, partners or engineers, to get through our regulatory process. This has allowed us to move projects forward faster.»

Megan ParsonsChief Engineer at Blue Ridge Energy
EPCists expediting PV design and deliverables with solar software
Stefano Papale

EPCists expediting PV design and deliverables with solar software

«We looked for a tool that was quick for performing basic design and optimization, automatically producing deliverables. RatedPower increased the number of bids we could prepare and submit by around 50%.»

Stefano PapaleHead of Business Development at FATA S.p.A.
Aligning stakeholders from development to procurement
Özer Ergul

Aligning stakeholders from development to procurement

«The solar industry is becoming more volatile and complex. In today’s world, developers, contractors, and buyers need flexible, scalable and configurable cost estimation tools linked to design for running different scenarios.»

Özer ErgulHead of Procurement
Get real-life inspiration from energy professionals like you

Get real-life inspiration from energy professionals like you

Check how other development and engineering teams are leveraging software to increase ROI and mitigate risks of their utility-scale solar assets.

Plans built for businesses of all sizes

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  • 10 projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

  • Email Support

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  • 50 projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

  • Basic Support

  • 1 Dedicated Onboarding Session

Check plans & pricing

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Users

  • Downloadable detailed documentation in 5 languages

  • Priority Support

  • Designated Customer success teams with unlimited training sessions

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) settings

  • SAML access with your corporate identity provider

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Questions? We've got you covered

RatedPower covers all the design phases of solar PV projects. On one hand, it carries out the whole engineering process, covering up to the interconnection facility design. On the other hand, RatedPower team has developed a comprehensive energy yield model algorithm to carry out energy production simulations. While other tools focus solely on one part of the design process of PV plants, RatedPower's platform provides not only an optimized layout solution, cable sizing and detailed energy yield results, but multiple engineering documentation including an accurate and complete BoQ showcasing the CAPEX.

Since RatedPower is a cloud-based software, it can be accessed from any web browser with no geographical restriction. Within the same company account, all users can access the platform simultaneously and work collaboratively, without having to install any program on their computer. There is also no need for any upgrades of the software, all new features and improvements will become automatically available to you.

RatedPower improves team communication and cooperation. Users can access every project within the company license, and also work together by cloning and optimizing other company users’ simulations.

Having a technical background is not a must for our clients. Our UI/UX team works hard to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface and all requested inputs have a project-based default value.

In essence, RatedPower is a collaborative and comprehensive tool that allows an automated, iterative and extremely fast alternative to the traditional PV plant design process.

Discover RatedPower first-hand

Request a live demo and see it in action

Start accelerating your PV plant design and engineering today. Our team of specialists is happy to answer your questions and help grow your PV business.

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