Why go with RatedPower vs PVsyst?

First, we’d just like to give a nod to the team at PVsyst. They’ve built a top product which has helped solar professionals for almost three decades. And there is no doubt PVsyst is a great tool for calculating photovoltaic energy production.

But if you’re here because you’re evaluating RatedPower vs. PVsyst, or looking for some fresh PVsyst alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a product that will help you on the whole scope for a plant project stage and a comparable energy yield estimate result.

pvDesign vs PVsyst

What’s the difference between RatedPower and PVsyst?

Sure there are features and product things that are different between the two companies. We’ll dive deeper into them down this page. But the biggest difference is our DNA.

The founding team at PVsyst built software for architects, engineers and academia researchers, while the founding team at RatedPower’s platform has been in the field —designing, developing and building utility-scale solar PV plants— for the last ten years.

And RatedPower breathes this first-hand experience, offering an end-to-end software solution for photovoltaic design and engineering.

So, TL;DR: if you’re a PV plant developer, EPC-ist or solar engineering firm looking for a platform built to help you expedite time-to-layout, reduce LCOE and make your team work better then you’re in the right place. We created RatedPower for you.


Do more than the energy yield

We asked our best sales and customer success teammates this same question: “What are the most relevant differences between RatedPower and PVsyst?“. They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.

PVsyst alternative
PVsyst alternative
Always up-to-date software

Always up-to-date software

Our engineering team ships product releases every day. The best part is you don’t need to manually update RatedPower's platform. Just login and start working with the latest software version available.

On the cloud

On the cloud

Since PVsyst runs locally in your machine, rapidly performing complex calculations require powerful work stations. RatedPower lives in the cloud, leveraging the calculation power of a distributed computing cluster for your designs. The hard work is on us — not on your CPU.

Faster estimates

Faster estimates

Easily create or tweak existing PV projects with RatedPower. Use the powerful compare feature to analyze differences in energy yield outcome for each project. Effortlessly get dozens of engineering documents per project.

Easy LCOE Calculation

Easy LCOE Calculation

Get the LCOE calculation easily done with a just few inputs. Start with the location.



While PVSyst generates a single report of the yield data simulation, RatedPower's built-in energy production module allows you to additionally obtain the documents for feasibility analysis, conceptual design or requesting for proposals.



PVsyst is a great tool for yielding. But if you’re looking for an alternative which helps you reduce LCOE and optimize your PV asset, then RatedPower’s platform may be a fit. It covers every step in your PV project —from site planning or topography analysis to layout documentation or substation engineering—.

Black & Veatch


An energy yield +0.24% different to PVsyst

Energy yield modeling is a mix of hard data and thorough scientific-led methodology. Specific yield or annual degradation are common results in any energy yielding software, such as PVsyst or their alternatives.

We turned to Black & Veatch to compare RatedPower's energy yield module to PVsyst output in four real-life cases. Deltas range between +0.24% and +1.08%. Related detailed yielding documentation is available in both tools.

PVsyst comparison

Built for solar players

Explore how companies like yours are smoothing their PV plant design and engineering workflows. Identify how solar software benefits your team and your business.

Software for solar developers

Software for solar developers

Enable your engineering development teams prospect new plots of land faster. Find better investment opportunities through software for solar developers.
Software for solar EPCists

Software for solar EPCists

Don't start your PV plant design and engineer from scratch. Meet the most detailed basic engineering ever. Win more proposals through software for solar EPCists.
Software for solar engineering firms

Software for solar engineering firms

Get your clients' utility-scale solar engineering projects done. Meet and exceed their expectations through software tailored to your needs. Request a demo.

Run your design's shading scene in PVsyst

Effortlessly export your RatedPower project to PVsyst

Get a much faster —and accurate— energy yield estimates within PVsyst from your RatedPower projects.

  • Quickly generate an accurate 3D shading scene in PVsyst. The scene considers the shape of the perimeter, the terrain features, and the presence of adverse slopes from your project in RatedPower.

  • Get accurate energy simulation results. Including the 3D features of the terrain and positioning of the structures.

  • Evaluate the effects of topography restrictions. Detecting areas which require changes to the design, such as north-facing slopes which could require increasing the pitch.

What our customers are saying?

RatedPower’s platform received G2’s high performer and the easiest to use CAD software in Spring 2022.

Comprehensive, user-friendly and ever-evolving solar PV design software.

User in Renewables & Environment

Mid-market (51-1,000 emp.)

The most powerful PV design software. It’s an all-in-one platform: from layout to yield and bill of material!

User in Oil & Energy

Enterprise (>1,000 emp.)

Excellent user interface, easy of use and full of features. I love the ability to perform several simulations quickly with different equipments to optimize the design.

User in Renewables & Environment

Mid-market (51-1,000 emp.)

Powerful and fast tool for simulations and optimization of PV plants.

Head of engineering

Small Business (<50 employees)

I like the simplicity of being able to update components or design parameters like pitch or DC:AC ratio and have a new layout in a manner of minutes

User in Utilities

Enterprise (>1,000 emp.)

84 %

meets requirements

94 %

ease of use

90 %

ease of setup

96 %

quality of support

100 %

product direction

An A-Team who has your back

Unlock the full power of your PV engineering and design teams. From site planning to permiting documentation. We've got you covered.

Shipping features

Shipping features

Our product and development team ships new features each day. UX and UI folks try to translate your needs and requirements into beautiful screens you can easily use.

Customer success team

Customer success team

We sell more than software. The people in the customer success team are solar experts ready to help you make the most of the software. Guaranteeing your team 24 working hours response time.



While PVSyst generates a single report of the yield data simulation, RatedPower's built-in energy production module allows you to additionally obtain the documents for feasibility analysis, conceptual design or requesting for proposals.

RatedPower is trusted by over 1,300 users in more than 150 countries

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