The Pulse keeps rising: the 2nd year of the renewable energy event in Madrid

Explore the highlights of Pulse 2024, the renewable energy event in Madrid's second year, uniting global professionals to address challenges, unveil opportunities, and champion progress towards sustainability.

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19 Apr, 24

The curtain has closed on Pulse 2024, a two-day renewable energy event. For the second year running, Pulse has brought together global renewable energy professionals to tackle the key challenges, pinpoint business opportunities, and celebrate progress towards a low-carbon sustainable transition.

Pulse 2024 was packed with keynote talks, technical sessions, and panel discussions providing insight into navigating the current renewable landscape while sharing their vision for the future and upcoming renewable energy trends, decarbonization, and clean technologies.

“Pulse is going from strength to strength. It has once again provided a platform for in-depth conversations about the move towards a greener future. It has been a pleasure to learn more about the critical challenges and success stories from industry leaders from across the world.”

Andrea Barber Co

founder and CEO at RatedPower

Day 1 at Pulse 2024

The opening day of the Pulse kicked off with a networking breakfast, followed by a welcome for Andrea Barber, Co-founder and CEO of RatedPower before the sessions began. 

The first talk, delivered by Hang Bui, Lead Product Manager at Clean Power Research, gave insight into the role of accurate meteo, horizon, soiling, and albedo data streams. Topics then moved to the importance of R&D for renewable innovation, calculating energy yields for PV + Wind hybrid plants, and renewable energy permit challenges in Spain.

Cris Vincent Alidon, Vice President of Engineering and Execution for Aboitiz Power, then gave insight into the role of accurate meteo, horizon, soiling, and albedo data streams. This was followed by a talk on elevating asset care and a compelling panel discussion on hiring and engaging top talent in the renewables space.


Panel discussion: Key challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy sector. Panelists in order: Juanmi Sierra (moderator), Aurelia Liechenstein, Carolina Nester, Gonzalo Crespo and Peter Karam.

After a networking lunch the afternoon shed light on critical topics such as obtaining social licenses and boosting flexibility in distribution grids. These talks were intertwined with technical discussions that included analysis of P75, P90, P95, and P99, HJT & HIT PV modules and how to integrate geospatial data into solar design with PRISM, plus many more. 

To view the complete day one schedule, click here.

An eye-opening and enlightening day was topped off with a happy hour and a delicious networking dinner at Bosco de Lobos Restaurant, sponsored by SolarAnywhere and powered by Clean Power Research.

Day 1 speakers and presenters include: Andrea Barber, Angie Gutiérrez, Yama Rodríguez, Hang Bui, Anna Sophie Freunek, Luis Guilherme Bastos de Castro, Maria Vivanco, Cris Vincent Alidon, David Penalva, Aurelia Liechtenstein, Peter Karam, Carolina Nester, Gonzalo Crespo, Juanmi Sierra, Ming Cheng, Sebastien Burgess, Elisa Anderson, Jorge Masa, Inés Monroy, Luis Badesa, Luis Viguer, Enrique Calvo, Félix Pérez, Stefano Papale, Guido Delgado, Julian Scheer, Irene Negro, Bernardino Martín, Nacho Álvarez, Najib Hussain, and Lorik Haxhiu.


Talk: Boosting flexibility in distribution grids​ by Elisa Anderson, Electricity Markets and Strategy Consultant at DNV.

Day 2 of Pulse 2024

“Let’s ensure people in the future are grateful for the humans in this room.”

Juan Romero CTO & Co

founder at RatedPower.

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Bosco de Lobos Restaurant, day two kicked off with a networking breakfast. Juan Romero, CTO and co-founder at RatedPower, gave the first session, discussing intelligent connections for renewable energy, stating that the future of energy is electric and the future of software is SaaS.

Discussions continued upstairs with technical talks and panel discussions spanning the lifecycle of the solar design, from financing to optimizing energy yield with sub-hourly meteorological data.


Panel discussion: Strategies for financing and monetizing renewable projects. Panelists, from left to right: Carla Coghen (moderator), Flavia Portugal, Yuko Ishihara, Matias Gallego and Kim Keats.

A broad range of topics were covered within this, including technical challenges and regulatory frameworks, reducing LCOE through OPEX in different areas, and flexible interconnection schema. There was also a lively panel discussion on strategies for financing and monetizing renewable projects.

The event concluded with the closing keynote from Bernadette Johnson, Head of Power & Renewables for Enverus, who discussed The Economy of Energy: Renewables and the Future.


Closing keynote: The Economy of Energy: Renewables and the Future by Bernadette Johnson, GM, Power and Renewables​.

A farewell lunch gave a final opportunity to network before saying goodbye until next year at Pulse 2025.

To learn more about all the sessions for day two, click here.

Day 2 speakers and presenters include: Juan Romero, Enio Gjoni, Soukayna Jermouni, Raúl Alborodo, Adrián Martínez, Alexander Sohl, Veronica Bermudez, Álvaro Benito, Álvaro Pajares, Daniel Oliveira, Kim Keats, Flávia Portugal, Yuko Ishihara, Matías Gallego, Carla Coghen, and Bernadette Johnson.

A special thank you goes to our co-hosts, Enverus, for making this event possible, to our sponsors, Gentari Australia, SolarAnywhere by Clean Power Research, and Aboitiz Power, as well as our media partners, PV magazine group and Review Energy.

In two days, so much ground was covered across the renewable landscape. Industry leaders shared their expertise to help navigate the current and future state of the green transition. Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a success, and we are excited to see you all again for Pulse 2025! 

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