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8 Feb, 23 / UPDATED 9 May, 23

Interest in the renewable energy sector has been steadily growing over the years, with more and more people starting to recognize the importance of moving toward sustainable energy generation.

The solar energy industry has also experienced an explosion in investment and interest and is expected to be valued at $223 billion by 2026.

Leading the charge in this growing wave of awareness are a number of thought leaders and influencers in the solar energy space. Here we have highlighted some of the most influential players in the German solar industry.


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Michael Schmela - 3,192 followers

Michael is the Chairman of the Intersolar Europe Conference, the world’s largest trade fair for solar and battery storage. The conference focuses on photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, and solar power plants, providing information and insights into the newest solar innovations.

Michael also works as a consultant for a number of solar companies, as well as being the founder and MD of TaiyangNews, a digital solar news platform.

Diego Lobo-Guerrero - 651 followers

Diego works as a Sales Engineer for STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS). He works in proposal and project management for the design, purchasing, and construction of utility-scale free-field PV and hybrid technology projects with a special focus on PV parks with integrated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Steffen Hesch - 1,702 followers

Steffen is the CEO at SOL IN ONE GmbH. SOL IN ONE GmbH work in the development and construction of solar panels and corresponding services, as well as the maintenance and monitoring of PV systems post-installation.

They have also successfully installed many large photovoltaic systems across the world.

Swapnil Bannore - 769 followers  

Swapnil operates as a project manager for ib vogt. A family-owned company, ib vogt has been specializing in solar project development since 2002 and has partnerships all across the globe. They manage the entire downstream section of the solar value chain and focus on maximizing the clean energy potential of the solar sector.

Jürgen Hampel - 839 Followers

Jürgen is the Head of Sales and Project Development for Large Scale Projects at PFALZSOLAR, a company that plans, constructs, and operates PV systems. They are owned by PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, the largest energy provider in the Palatinate region and the Saarpfalz district.

Hugo Navarro Kilian - 605 followers  

Working as the Head of Engineering Photovoltaic at PNE AG, Hugo is supporting the company’s push towards diversifying its renewable energy offerings. Currently, PNE AG focuses on the development of onshore and offshore wind farms but is looking to expand into photovoltaic, electricity storage, and power-to-X technologies with a focus on hydrogen in the future.

Hendrik Schramm - 1,839 followers

EnerParc AG, where Hendrik works as the Head of Project Development, is an internationally oriented specialist for all business related to PV systems. It operates as a project developer, technical advisor, general contractor, and plant manager and energy trader, offering individualized services to all of its clients or the planning, construction, operation, and marketing of solar power plants and the generated energy.

Ulrich Cebula - 1,002 followers

Ulrich is a Senior Manager at RWE Renewables. RWE is investing €50 billion this decade to expand its green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts internationally by 2030.

Mirko Schieszl - 3,036 followers

Mirko is the Head of Engineering BayWa r.e. EMEA, specializing in project management of PV projects, development of new technologies, and creating local and international engineering and installation teams.

Michael Bloss - 3,609 followers

Michael is a member of the Industry and Environment Committee in the EU Parliament, helping to shape the EU’s approach to sustainability and renewable energy.

Maximilian Muennicke - 860 followers

As Sales Director of Huawei Deutschland, Maximilian is involved in the development and sales of PV and BESS systems, as well as smart transformer substations.

David Wedphl - 1,234 followers

A journalist by training, David now works as the Director of International Affairs for the German Solar Association, making him responsible for the association’s international activities.

solar panel

Saif Islam - 5,493 followers

Saif is a senior consultant at EUPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH, a company that uses data-based market research and consulting services to help improve the sustainability efforts of other businesses.

Johannes Linder - 152 followers

As Head of System Design & Innovation for BELECTRIC Holding GmbH, Johannes supports the company’s development and construction of solar plants. To date, the company has installed 480 PV systems with a total output of more than 4.3 GW worldwide.

Boris Farnung - 1,828 followers

Boris is the Global Head of Division Power Plants and Systems at VDE Renewables, and the Operating Agent of the IEA PVPS Task 13 — Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems, managing and coordinating international and distributed technical experts and scientists.

Johannes Wüllner - 1,078 followers

Johannes is the Head of Applied Storage Systems at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. The Institute performs applied scientific and engineering research and development for all areas of solar energy.

Dr. Heike Pfistner - 722 followers

Dr. Pfistner works as the Head of Strategic Marketing and Product Management, Energy Storage at BASF New Business GmbH. The company is focusing its current work on three areas: E-Power Management, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, and Functional Feed Additives.

Matthias Dilthey - 1,561 followers

sonnen GmbH, where Matthias operates as Senior Vice President Energy & Flexibility Trading, has developed the sonnenBatterie as an affordable way for people to access renewable energy in their day-to-day lives.

Dr. Marise Westbroek - 815 followers

Dr. Westbroek is a Project Leader at Aurora Energy Research, a group founded by University of Oxford professors and operating as the largest dedicated power analytics provider in Europe.

Hani Fischer - 820 followers

Han is a Key Account Manager at EWS GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist wholesaler of photovoltaics supplying professional solar power systems.

Till Brüggemann - 206 followers

As Business Lead Project and Market Development at Vattenfall BU Solar & Batteries, Till is working to help push the transition to sustainable energy systems and away from fossil fuels.

Vattenfall is owned by the Swedish government and operates across Europe.

Florian Mayr - 6,490 followers

Florian is a partner at Apricum — The Cleantech Advisory, a company operating as transaction advisors and strategy consultants, connecting investors with both public and private companies.

Volker Quaschning - 61,947 followers

Volker is a professor of renewable energy systems at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. He has authored numerous books on renewable energy including the scientific textbook Regenerative Energiesysteme, which has been translated into English, Arabian and Russian, with a translation to the Kazakh language in progress.

Doreen Rietentiet - 15,165 followers

As co-founder of DWR eco GmbH, Doreen has been instrumental in the company’s role as a communication, policy, and business development advisor for the renewable energy industry.

Nadine Haase - 2,320 followers

Nadine is the founder of the European Energy Consult, using her background in politics and economics to drive the transition to clean energy in Germany.

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