RatedPower has finger on the Pulse with event to accelerate the green transition

The Pulse event has come to a close, two days of insight and inspiration to empower the green energy transition. Read on to get a sneak peek at what was discussed.
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8 May, 23

The sun has set on RatedPower’s inaugural event, Pulse.

This two-day conference, held at Palacio Neptuno, Madrid, saw renewable industry leaders from across the world come together to share their perspectives on how we can speed up the green transition.

Pulse was rich in insight and expertise from the get-go and featured a wide variety of sessions from representatives across many different sectors who shared their unique perspectives on the energy transition.

Climate change, reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, the green economy, environmental policies, green jobs, sustainable financing, and the long-term viability of renewable energy solutions were just some of the many topics covered.

Across both days, two rooms were working in parallel. One delivered industry commentary and thought leadership, while the other dug deep into the technicalities behind effectively planning, designing, and executing renewable projects.

Day 1 - Collaboration, digitization, and investment regulation within the green transition

pulse 1

“As actors of change, we are committed to this transformation (the green transition); we are proud to participate in such a relevant shift and invite other institutions, governments, and companies to join this effort.

What’s inspiring is that this impact transcends environmental benefits and includes concerns about equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all.”

Andrea Barber, Co

Founder and CEO of RatedPower

Day one kicked off with a bang as Andrea shared her thoughts on the current state of the energy sector, examining the crucial role climate tech plays in expediting the green transition. She highlighted the importance of collaboration across the industry to support sustainable development and encourage the innovation of new solutions to combat the climate crisis.

Andrea’s keynote was followed by sessions on international legislation, digitization, and a focus on overcoming challenges that come with investing in the renewable sector. In the other room, there were parallel technical discussions delving into topics such as climate risk assessment, optimizing DC/AC ratio, and topography and earthwork.

Want to learn about how to optimize your DC/AC ratio when designing a PV system? Listen back to our webinar on the topic hosted by PV engineer expert, Álvaro Pajares.

Collaboration was the theme of the day, with many calling on their industry peers to come together to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues with a broader view to implement reforms to green policies and encourage effective investment vehicles from both the public sector and private sector.

Two engaging panel sessions brought experienced heads together to have detailed discussions on issues such as the viability of green hydrogen and 360º asset management for renewables which included input from our silver sponsors, QBi Solutions.

pulse 3

The day was topped off by dinner and drinks at the NuBel restaurant adding to the breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks to provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.

Thank you to all the day one speakers and panelists:

Andrea Barber, Maxine Cronier, Inés Monroy, Santos Díaz, Petranka Boncheva, Álvaro Pajares, Catalina Bauzá, Brais Armiño, Dhanisha Juleemun, Yerún Fernández, Frans Pieter Lindeboom, Matías Gallego, Félix Pérez, Daniel Barandalla, Javier Tirado, Nacho Álvarez, Luca Piccini, Filip Sypko, Loreto Luengo, Raúl García, Bernardino Martín, Nicolás Fernández-Velilla, Irene Negro, María García, Christina Rentell, Carolina Nester, Luis Selva, Santiago Estrada, Ignacio Granda, María Díez.

Pulse talks 2023

Want to find out more? Get instant access to talks, panels and technical workshops from Pulse 2023 here.

Day 2 - A broader look at our natural resources, optimization through digital twins, and the four forces of the energy transition

The day after the night before saw weary heads invigorated by inspirational talks about the future of the green transition. Sessions took a more expansive view of other renewable energy solutions and the optimization of asset management.

Talks on the extensive benefits of offshore wind and how digital twins are giving asset managers more confidence in their decisions kicked off the day off. At the same time, technical sessions discussed the interconnection in PV systems and the power and responsibility of citizens in renewables.

Another panel session looking at the SaaS market within renewables gave a platform for VC experts to share their extensive insight into how green investments fare in competitive electricity markets.

The day concluded with a fireside chat with the other two co-founders of RatedPower, Juan Romero and Miguel Ángel Torrero, who gave visibility into the RatedPower product roadmap and answered questions from attendees in the audience.

pulse 4

This was followed by the closing talk from Bernadette Johnson, General Manager, Head of Power and Renewables at Enverus, who gave a thorough overview of the energy industry, giving special attention to the four forces that will determine the future success of the energy transition.

Thank you to all the day two speakers and panelists:

Virginia Ruiz, Stanislas Van Der Vaeren, Natalia Opie, Álvaro Benito, Aurora Sáez, Blanca Barrios, Covadonga García-Valdés,Carlos Fisch, Manuel Alamillo, Isabel Salgueiro, Nacho Bautista, Marina Fernández, Juan Romero, Miguel Ángel Torrero, Bernadette Johnson

Listen back to talks, panels and technical workshops from Pulse 2023 here.

A look to Pulse 2024

Thank you to everyone involved for making Pulse 2023 such a success with a special mention to our co-hosts, Enverus, and to the sponsors, QBi Solutions and Solargis, and our media partner pv magazine group.

pulse 2

Next year we will be back again with the second edition of Pulse with the same goal of accelerating the green transition by driving climate change adaptation, encouraging green public investments, and boosting economic growth with sustainable development.

Climate change and environmental degradation need strong climate action to encourage economic cooperation, create robust regulatory frameworks and supportive national strategies.

As we all know, climate change affects the countries with the most vulnerable groups living in extreme poverty. It is our responsibility to find environmentally sustainable solutions to reduce the world’s carbon footprint while meeting the world’s increasing energy demands.

To be part of this conversation next year, get in touch to be the first in line to receive an invite to Pulse 2024. If you would like to sponsor Pulse 2024, please contact us to learn more.

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