20 renewable energy events to look out for in 2024

Explore the best renewable energy events coming up in 2024 with our handy guide.

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3 Apr, 23 / UPDATED 28 Dec, 23

With the start of the new year, we’ve got another 12 months of exciting renewable energy innovations to look forward to. And with the technology progressing rapidly, there is no telling what 2024 holds in store.

The best place to find out about the latest innovations and technologies and connect with prospective clients and colleagues in the industry is at one of the many renewable energy events happening in 2024. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at some of the renewable energy events (with a weighting towards solar events given our sector) we’re most excited about this coming year. 


Where: Madrid, Spain

When: 17-18 April

After a hugely successful first year in 2023, Pulse is back! Held by RatedPower, this year’s event will be even bigger and better than last, with a whole host of keynote speakers and talks alongside hands-on technical workshops with leaders from all across the renewable industry.

There will also be another networking dinner, allowing attendees the perfect opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals, share ideas, and make new connections. Pulse 2024 promises to be the number one renewable energy event next year and we hope to see many of you there!


Utility-scale PV technical workshop during Pulse 2023

Intersolar Europe

Where: Munich, Germany

When: 19-21 June

Intersolar Europe is one of the world’s leading exhibitions in the solar industry, and it has been running for over 30 years. The event’s tagline is “Connecting Solar Business,” as it brings together solar manufacturers, service providers, project developers, start-ups, planners, suppliers, distributors, and installers to network and discover the latest trends across the industry. Over 115,000 attendees and at least 1,370 exhibitors are expected to join the 2024 conference. There are also corresponding Intersolar events held in North and South America.

Intersolar Europe RatedPower team

KEY Energy

Where: Rimini, Italy

When: 28 February-1 March

Following the success of the first independent KEY Energy event last year, the conference returns to Italy in 2024. The conference promises to be a keystone event for the renewable and energy transition markets of Southern Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Packed full of talks, debates, and workshops, last year’s event boasted over 33,000 attendees, and this year’s event is expected to be even bigger.

Genera 2024

Where: Madrid, Spain

When: 6-8 February 

Genera is an event backed by Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE) a public body dedicated to saving and diversifying energy. It brings together 35,000 attendees from over 63 countries to share their take on key trends, innovations, products, and services in energy, decarbonization, electrification, and the environment. With over 400 exhibitors and a packed schedule of industry talks it attracts delegates from all areas of the energy market.

Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: 20-24 March

The Future of Utilities conference brings together renewable energy leaders with over half of the attendees holding C-suite positions, making it one of the top networking events of the year. With a timetable focusing on the clean energy transition and a full schedule of talks, workshops, and dedicated networking time, this event has something for everyone.


Where: Paris, France

When: 25-27 March

The International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy (ICRESE) brings together experts and professionals from the renewable energy sector for a 3-day event in Paris. The focus of the conference is driving the energy engineering and applications space forward, with talks, workshops, and networking events for attendees.

Energy Tech Summit

Where: Bilbao, Spain

When: 10-11 April 

Underlining Bilbao’s claim as a European and global renewable energy hub, the Energy Tech Summit is an influential event for the industry. The event focuses on renewable technologies and securing resources for the transition to green energy and will hold a full suite of talks, innovation workshops, and networking opportunities.

Solar & Storage Live UK 2024

Where: Birmingham, UK

When: 1-2 May

Solar & Storage Live is the largest exhibition for renewable energy in the UK. With over 30,000 attendees and 250 speakers spanning over three days, the event provides a platform to discuss pressing topics in the renewables space, such as energy security, storage, and geopolitics, while networking with peers. The 450 exhibitors comprise some of the leading solar system and technology manufacturers, and their dedicated networking app gives visitors and buyers a chance to connect a week before the event. 

There is a training hub dedicated to solar PV modules & mounting, inverter & battery storage installation, and commissioning. Twelve businesses have also opened over 100 job vacancies for the attendees looking for a new role in renewables.

All-Energy 2024

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

When: 15-16 May

As the UK’s largest low-carbon energy and full supply chain renewables event, All-Energy has been running since 2001 and brings together professionals from the full breadth of the renewable sector.

Featuring exhibitors and speakers from around the world representing a diverse range of renewable industries, this year’s event promises to be even bigger than last year’s record-breaking conference and a brilliant opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking. In addition to the UK event, there is an All Energy in Australia on the 23rd and 24th of October.


Where: Anaheim, USA

When: 9-12 September 

With 40,000 attendees from over 125 countries, 8,400 of which are C-suite executives, RE+ is one of the US’s most influential renewable energy events. During the four-day event, 1350 exhibitors and over 370 sessions cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the renewables space. 

Alongside this, there is a tech program designed to bring technical and scientific communities together to share cutting-edge developments in solar, storage, and smart energy industries to find energy solutions for the sector’s future. In addition to RE+ Anaheim there are a series of events held in locations worldwide.

Top 20 renewable energy events and conferences to watch out for in 2024

Energyear Tour 2024

Where: Global

When: Events run between 31 January- 28 November

The Energyear 2024 Tour is made up of 16 conferences across Latin America, the USA, and Europe with the goal of expediting the transition to a more sustainable future. It provides a space for thousands of industry sector leaders to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities in areas such as renewables, storage, and mobility. Attendees come from all sectors, with many coming from technology providers, EPC developers, consultancy, and utilities.


Future of Energy

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 29 February-1 March

The Amsterdam-based ‘Future of Energy’ summit will bring together the broad spectrum of renewable professionals, from investors, services providers, and project developers to financial institutions and asset owners, to share their expertise on overcoming some of the biggest challenges the green transition faces in emerging markets. A broad range of panel discussions, keynotes, and networking opportunities are available to the attendees across the two-day event that dig into topics such as hybrid (wind & solar) applications, energy storage, distributed energy, grid infrastructure, green hydrogen, and e-mobility

SNEC International PV Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition

Where: Shanghai, China

When: 13-15 June

The National Convention and Exhibition Center will host the 17th edition of the SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Shanghai (otherwise known as the SNEC Photovoltaic Conference). The SNEC Photovoltaic Conference is one of the most influential events in Asia and worldwide.

The event covers key topics across the PV sector, such as notable trends, development strategies, policy, technology, and finance. The exhibition itself has companies across the application chain, such as photovoltaic equipment, cells, components, storage, engineers, and mobile energy. 

On top of this event, there are two more influential events created by the same organizers: The SNEC 6th (2023) International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition and the SNEC 9th (2024) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition.

Smart Energy Week

Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: 28 February -1 March

Smart Energy Week is held three times a year in different exhibition centers across Japan. The three events provide a platform for energy leaders to network and share expertise to accelerate business within the energy industry. The events focus on a broad range of energy technology such as solar power, rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, smart grids, wind power, zero-emission, biomass, and thermal power generation.

Wetex & Dubai Solar Show

Where: Dubai, UAE

When: 1-3 October

Wetex and Dubai Solar Show is organized by DEWA, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, attracting over 47,00 attendees from 55 countries with the ambition of building a sustainable future for the Emirate. The event allows over 1750 exhibitors to showcase solutions and products and discover the latest trends and innovations across the renewable industry. Topics range from energy, renewables and clean energy, sustainable development, smart cities, etc. There are 110 seminars and panels held by experts in the space to share knowledge and exchange views about the future of green energy.

Enlit Asia

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When: 8-10 October

Enlit Asia is an annual conference and exhibition comprising two events in the energy sector: POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week. It attracts 12,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors worldwide to showcase their products, services, and solutions to help accelerate the green transition across Asia. Two hundred speakers give a series of expert talks to discuss the region’s policies, developments, and innovations driving the green transition.

World Future Energy Summit

Where: Abu Dhabi, UAE

When: 16-18 April

The World Future Energy Summit is a global think tank, powered by international expertise. It brings over 30,000 visitors together to help develop innovative solutions to build a more sustainable future. With over 2000 exhibitors and more than 700 speakers the event is rich in insight and expertise.

Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition

Where: Sydney, Australia

When: 6-7 March

The Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition attracts more than 10,000 attendees. In addition, there are over a hundred exhibitors and talks from renewable industry leaders shining a light on the latest trends, solutions, and challenges.

ASEAN Clean Energy Week

Where: Manila, Philippines

When: 21-22 November

In November the SMX Convention Center Manila will host the 7th edition of ASEAN Clean Energy Week. 5000 attendees, of which 1,500 are C-suite executives will come together to discuss how to expedite the green transition in Southeast Asia, which includes some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. With over a hundred speakers the event will delve into solar energy, wind energy, and storage.

Join the stellar RatedPower team at in-person and digital events across the world. Drop by to chat about the future of solar energy and the transition to low-carbon energy systems. Check upcoming events.

Energaïa Forum

Where: Montpellier, France

When: 11-12 December

Energaïa Forum is an annual event for renewable energy professionals. For 17 years, the event has supported the renewable energy industry as a platform for networking and sharing expertise and solutions to overcome key energy challenges. It attracts 17,000 participants and promotes innovation in the face of the global energy crisis.

This list only scratches the surface of the renewable energy events happening in 2024. We are lucky that there is such a vibrant renewable energy community all around the globe that provides us with so many opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking. With events like the ones on this list being held almost year-round, it is clear that the sector is thriving and that the green energy transition is in good hands.

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