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RatedPower covers all the design phases of solar PV projects. On one hand, it carries out the whole engineering process, covering up to the interconnection facility design. On the other hand, RatedPower team has developed a comprehensive energy yield model algorithm to carry out energy production simulations. While other tools focus solely on one part of the design process of PV plants, RatedPower's platform provides not only an optimized layout solution, cable sizing and detailed energy yield results, but multiple engineering documentation including an accurate and complete BoQ showcasing the CAPEX.

Since RatedPower is a cloud-based software, it can be accessed from any web browser with no geographical restriction. Within the same company account, all users can access the platform simultaneously and work collaboratively, without having to install any program on their computer. There is also no need for any upgrades of the software, all new features and improvements will become automatically available to you.

RatedPower improves team communication and cooperation. Users can access every project within the company license, and also work together by cloning and optimizing other company users’ simulations.

Having a technical background is not a must for our clients. Our UI/UX team works hard to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface and all requested inputs have a project-based default value.

In essence, RatedPower is a collaborative and comprehensive tool that allows an automated, iterative and extremely fast alternative to the traditional PV plant design process.

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