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Ogami is the first lighthouse powered with photovoltaic energy. Ogami Station is brought to you by RatedPower where we bring closer renewable energy.

Gabriel Cañadas
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We introduce Ogami Station, a podcast created by RatedPower that will bring us closer to the exciting world of renewable energies through interviews with relevant figures in this industry.

I imagine that the first thing you may be asking yourselves is... Why Ogami? Ogami is the first lighthouse in the world powered by photovoltaic energy. It is located on the island of the same name in southern Japan.

With this podcast, our intention is to bring renewable energies to all Spanish speakers in a didactic, simple and entertaining way. By means of interviews, different topics of interest in the world of renewable energies will be addressed.

Each month we will be visited by influential people in the sector with whom we will discuss what renewable energies are, how new technologies are evolving and current issues in the industry.

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We'll be hearing from you soon to talk about renewables. Greetings!

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Gabriel Cañadas