How Sungrow leverages software for faster PV equipment analysis

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Why does Sungrow partner with RatedPower?

RatedPower fits us very good because it allows us to prepare some types of calculations and comparisons without a big amount of resources from our side. The feedback from the support and the technical team from RatedPower is pretty good. So they are always improving the software in order to satisfy their customer. And in my case the feedback is always pretty good.

What are your goals using RatedPower?

The main goal that we have using this software is to compare our different equipment. Our customers ask us is «I have this location in this PV plant. Should I use a string inverter? Which type of string inverter? Or maybe it's a little bit better for us a central inverter? It's pretty tough to say something about it without taking into account some measurements that you have to do it by engineers usually. But in that case we use RatedPower in order to compare these cases.

What are your challenges before buying RatedPower's software?

We don't have a team for developing these studies and we need a software that  provide us versatility in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

What was your top requirement for a software like RatedPower’s?

We need a software that provide us the simplicity or flexibility in order to do what we wanted to do, but with less amount of resources. Some of your competitors need more resources from our part in order to develop this calculation.

How do you value Customer Success service?

What I would tell is quick because usually when you contact them, usually they give you a couple of slots in the same day and they ask you when does it fit better for you. So I think that they are pretty good.

How RatedPower helps Sungrow competitive advantage?

Because it allowed us to compare, for example, a central inverter against a string inverter in a certain PV plant. So imagine that you have shadding in this PV plant or if you are between mountains, let's say, and usually in those cases the customer says: «okay, is it worth it to use a string inverter instead of a central inverter?» And it's pretty tricky to say yes when you use the string inverters because of the multi MPPT. But to be honest you have to calculate it case by case because it will depend.

So it helped us a lot in order to prepare those comparisons among our string inverters and our central inverters.

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